Broome & Kenmare

Botanical Perfume by Valerie Alexander

Broome & Kenmare knows that life is short, and quality is essential. We’re a small company dedicated to creating unique products with the highest grade ingredients available.

All of our products are made in small batches and carefully crafted and bottled by hand.


On the edge of old and new

Broome & Kenmore products are based on traditional old world formulas, re-created through modern science and research. They start by considering traditional cures, old tinctures, and family recipes, and correlate the ones that have been proven to be effective in modern times – to create a formula that uses time-honored knowledge, up-to-date research, with the cleanest of ingredients.

Meditative perfumes use ingredients from various practices of meditation to help aid spiritual reflection. Dream fragrances use ingredients known in folk medicine and proven by science to help one fall asleep. Energizing perfumes encourage motion and movement. 

Each perfume starts with a base of botanical infusions and is rounded out with different natural aromas and oils to create fully developed scents. Theses unisex oils change as each part of the aroma is high-lit over time, creating a special sensory experience. Beautifully packaged, they make a unique and special gift.

About Us

100% Natural products. 

Broome & Kenmore products are herbalist mixtures utilizing old world perfume-making techniques with modern research to create fragrances that do more than scent your day.

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